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Sounds of the South Broadway

Recorded 2019  |  Released 2023  | Album


  1. Better by Better Bope [03:17]
  2. Bombay Beach [03:43]
  3. Little Eddy and Bob [00:58]
  4. The Crushed Whistles [00:28]

These songs were recorded in 2019.

The first two tracks include sounds off a cassette tape my then roommates and I collaborated on throughout the span of a month. A tape deck with several mics was set up in the living room for us to record when possessed, and this album includes my contributions.

"Better by Better Bope" and "Little Eddy and Bob" were assembled in Adobe Audition. "Bombay Beach" was completely unedited off the tape (minus noise reduction).

Notes and extras:

Better by Better Bope has an accompanying video that was made for a class project in 2019.

Bombay Beach also has an accompanying video using footage I took of Bombay Beach, California in 2016. That version was cut down a little shorter.

The album art image was found on a thrift store VTech KidiZoom camera. Most of the pictures, clearly from child-height, were amusingly nondescript and many blurry from movement.

The title was inspired by Sounds of the South from the Alan Lomax archives. We were living in the South Broadway area of Albuquerque at the time ... now you understand