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Taylor Town

2022  | Live Stream


Taylor Town was a free in-person/live stream art and music event I organized and ran on December 17, 2022.

Three local Albuquerque bands performed at the show, including a crass opening speech from President Biden (played by myself), electronic music improvisations, stand-up comedy, and a rapper. My goal with Taylor Town was not only to bring local performers together for a fun communal show, but to create “an event within an event” by also integrating story building, interactive art, and video.

Special thanks to Pax and Logan of Tortuga Art Gallery, Eli Glickman, Tahj Sampson, Sol Dean, Joe Dean, Taylor Wright, Ray Whatley, Aimeric Arragon, Alex Harding, Nico Kennedy, and Ethan Haft.

Taylor Town family photo
Early in the setup
A little more set up
Eli G, Taylor, and Ray
Stu of Castle Doctor talking to me, about to transform into Biden
Castle Doctor performing, the crowd observes
Some of the art on display
Tom checking out the interactive Taylor Town program
Alex and Levi in the crowd
The on-stage television montior
Taylor Town posters on the door of Tortuga
Vantage from behind the mixers
Me behind the controls
Me behind the controls
Me behind the controls

Notes and extras:

"Taylor" was (for the promotional materials) played by my friend and former roommate Taylor Wright (seen in the last few pictures of the above slideshow).

The Taylor Town Interactive Computer Experience was made by Tahj Sampson.

One of my other pieces, League of Extraordinary Homes, was made specifically for the show, and was on display for the audience to interact with.